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September 27, 2009



Kerr Equine Dentistry (Waylon & Jamie Kerr)

Teeth Floating & Wolf Teeth Extractions

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Dan Post Equine Chiropractic Adjustments

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Professional Farrier (Matt Chandley)

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Pam & Troy Mosher with donkey, Pedro.  I think Pedro is winning the


Pulling & Pushing didn't work - so just pick up his rear end and move him.

Chiropractor Dan Post is doing an adjustment on Shirley's horse, Reno.

Dentist Waylon Kerr is floating Midnight's teeth while Diane Sharp helps hold her head still.

Midnight is not happy with the dental work being done.

Cheyenne Sharp's horse, Spirit  is trying hard to tell Waylon & Diane that he doesn't want to rinse his mouth out with water.

Spirit is trying to tell Waylon to quit filing his teeth and he's telling Dan Post to get rid of the twitch, "help, I don't like this."

Pam Mosher is helping to hold Storm Elliott's horse, Brandy.  It looks like Brandy is begging Waylon, "please don't do this to me."

Pedro is making it very clear to Pam Mosher that he doesn't want to get in the trailer.  Pam's son, Troy & Cheyenne Sharp aren't being much help when all they are doing is flapping their hands at him.

How many people does it take to load a 45" high donkey named Pedro

in a horse trailer?

One in the trailer pulling on the lead rope and 5 more pushing him from the rear. 

They may have got him in there - but technically - I think Pedro won this fight hand's down.  Six people to load a little bitty donkey.